Virtual Dolphin Therapy™

Profound Relaxation – Spiritual Rejuvenation
Meditation and Relaxation Therapy

“Virtual Dolphin Therapy had a profound effect on making me realize how “fast” I was moving. I have experienced them in real life by actually swimming with them. Virtual Dolphin Therapy brought me back their gentle, playful nature.”

“I also laughed and smiled and wanted to reach out and pet them. It also made me realize how “conscious” they are of each other. They swim close yet allow distance. I almost fell asleep, I was so relaxed. Thank you for this experience.”

“By far one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. It felt like I (with all my stress) melted away and left with the biggest smile on my face. So impressed. Thank you so much for the very much needed de stress time.”


Summertime cloths

May 16, 2011

New slamjam Jean Shorts

new singles and trailer of LP coming next week!

DATAGRAMS now playing a full band live at University of Pittsburgh, sponsored by WPTS

2 new songs:

Friends of Mine

Let Malibu Burn


Tim: Keys, synth

Eric: Vocals, guitar

Ben: Visuals, electribe, tambourine

Rick: Bass

Jay: Drums


This Thursday (April 14) and Friday (15th) come catch us play our last shows of the semester!  We’re performing with a FULL BAND and debuting 2 brand new never heard before traxxx.

4/14 – Green-light Fundraiser Concert, 9pm $5 (313 Oakland Ave, Pittsburgh PA)

Charity show for GIVING THE GREEN LIGHT, $5 cover charge goes directly to the charity. Come listen to us play music, ETHICALLY!

4/15 – WPTS End of the Year Showcase – William Pitt Union Assembly Room, 8pm FREE


I think. We need ta. PARTY! HO!

DKT Delicious

April 5, 2011

“if post modern aesthetics had a sound it would probably sound like the pittsburgh band datagrams (recently signed to the deerhaus collective). deleuze never saw this coming, or maybe he did. datagrams  is a shockingly relevant response to one of my all time favorite genres, chillwave, but transcends its older brother into soaring new realms of contemporary sound. i don’t usually blog about bands that i know personally but i have been repeatedly impressed by their music as well as the driving factors behind their work. besides being just fantastic to hear, datagrams’ effortless combination of aesthetics and sound makes for a crisply contemporary experience, often bordering on performance art. their local venue, the beach house, is without a doubt my favorite place to hear music, in pittsburgh. non pretentious, hyper chill and most importantly modern. they have undoubtedly filled a large hole in pittsburgh’s electronic music scene and i look forward to their upcoming work. you can download their new ep ‘data’ at the link below. stay chill.”

Thanks Denmark Tasts Delicious!


April 4, 2011

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Howlers Coyote Cafe last night!

Catch us this Saturday (April 9th) at The Beach House with Birthdays, Cough Cool, and Boy Scout of America

Its gunna be a banger!

Hey nerds,

Sunday, April 3rd DATAGRAMS are importing excitement into Howler’s at their electoluminati showcase. Holler at 9pm

data EP out now

March 15, 2011

New EP available for free download


with Beggars in a New Land


Pittsburgh, PA

February 26, 2011



Saturday, February 26

February 23, 2011

Seen this image around the city? Wondered what it was?

This saturday:

Amazing show at The Beach House!

DATAGRAMS and underground hip-hop legends GDP and Pistol from the far off land of New Jersey will bombard your auditory perception with fun and excitement.

Performances also by

Send us a facebook message for any details and uncertainties